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Maybe you don't plan on selling your house today but at some point someone will undoubtedly put a dollar value on your home. Enhancing your property now may save you money later. More importantly, when you do decide to sell your home you won't have to rush to create a curb appeal that could have been there all along.

Neglecting your property never pays !

The primary focus on a property is the condition of the lawn and flowerbeds. The greener the lawn the better; remember, a plush green lawn is an eye catcher for a prospective homebuyer. Potential customers are impressed by a well-maintained property.

The value of your most expensive investment starts with a healthy lawn and well cared for trees and shrubs. All this takes is an application of a high nitrogen based fertilizer and plenty of water. Flowerbeds are another important factor in beautifying your property. Making sure that your flowerbeds are well edged and bark mulched and the shrubbery is properly pruned creates a clean appearance for your entire property.

Adding some annual and perennial flowers for color is also a great way to create some dramatic color that will liven up your home. Lastly, the condition of your driveway is frequently forgotten but is as equally important as the appearance of your flowerbeds. Driveway seal coating is an excellent way to not only brighten the appearance of your driveway for the optimal sale of your home but also a great way to maintain it.

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